What is cellenpiaTM ?

Cellenpia, a raw material manufactured by Nippon Paper Industries,
provides the following characteristics when used in cosmetics.

  • Impart viscosity
  • Achieves both a moisturizing feeling and a refreshing feeling of use
  • Provides dispersion and emulsification property
  • Fine foam to improves cleaning effect
  • Since it is an environmentally and socially conscious wood-derived raw material, it can improve a conscious aesthetic image to products.

Five functionalities of cellenpiaTM

  • Sooth and non-sticky feel
  • Water retention equivalent to sodium hyaluronate
  • Improve dispersibility of UV scattering agents and pigments
  • Pickering emulsion is possible regardless of the oil polarity
  • Increased foaming and retention of elastic foam

Sample products

cellenpia | Sample products
cellenpia | Skin Lotion

Skin Lotion

High moisturizing properties, yet has a light feeling.
The thixotropic properties of cellenpia can also be utilized in spray products.

cellenpia | Milky Lotion

Milky Lotion

Low viscosity, but it is a formula that utilizes the emulsifying properties of cellenpia to capture oil droplets in water.

cellenpia | Sunscreen


Cellenpia has the effect of inhibiting the stickiness of UV absorbers in sunscreen. Although it has a low viscosity, it has a formulation that takes advantage of cellenpia's dispersing power to catch pigments in water.

cellenpia | Moisture Cream

Moisture Cream

Although it has high moisturizing properties, it is a cream that feels light to use.
Cellenpia's high emulsifying properties allow it to produce creams of various viscosities.